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The Swiss Microfinance Platform (SMP) is an independent, not for profit and public interest association, registered and based in Switzerland.

This organization aims to promote the Swiss microfinance sector at home and abroad, in particular capitalizing on the depth of Switzerland’s financial center to the benefit of financial inclusion in low income economies. It’s objective is to bring together Swiss microfinance professionals, giving its members the opportunity to present and share their activities, to exchange information and experiences, to meet other members and to work together on points of common interest in microfinance.

The association is an open platform: any institution or individual based in Switzerland and active in microfinance can become a member. Members range from academics, researchers, donors, investors, policy-makers, consultants, bankers and practitioners.

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Thank you for your interest. 

We unfortunately cannot register you at this time as we need you to acknowledge both, that you are Swiss-based and working in microfinance and financial inclusion, and that you adhere to the Swiss Microfinance Platform statutes and articles.

Do not hesitate to contact us should you want to discuss further.
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